Thursday, May 12, 2011

Our Blog is Moving...

Hi everyone....

It's still in development right now but we are in the process of slowly moving this over to wordpress on the main LP4 website. Right now we are importing this blog to the new location as well as messing with the look and feel of the site. It's not much to look at now but it's gonna be cool once we are done and, more importantly, we will be better able to blog and update people on what we are doing.
Here is the link:

KTRU Farewell to 40 Years of (Analog) FM Radio

A last minute show folks.

Come join us this Friday as we say farewell to 40 years of independent student run analog FM radio in Houston. Thankfully the station lives on on KPFT’s HD signal and on the air but there was something magical and wonderful about having a an analog signal that could be heard anywhere and without special equipment. All that aside, it should be a fun show. It’s free, all ages, and it’s gonna be lovely weather at that. Seee you guys there.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh man, we have a show on Saturday at Walters

Sorry folks. We aren't dead, just recording. We've been so zoned into the whole recording process that we've kind of ignored this blog for the last few months. No worries, we'll start posting here more regularly on what we are up to as we have lots of neat stuff coming up. That includes our show on Saturday with super cool fellows stoner rockers, Radio Moscow...

We'll be playing some new songs at the show that we're working on for the new album. Expect lots of heavy riffs and some confusion as some of these songs have parts that are a bit open ended. But hey, we like to play on a wire and the other bands kick ass so see you there.

Oh and keep on the lookout for more posts here as we ramp up for the summer.