Monday, August 22, 2005

Thor - Photos Live 20 August 2005 - Rudyards

Ok here are a few of the Live Thor Photos!!!!

I just have to say that all of you who skipped out on THOR at Rudyard's Pub last night missed out on one of the best Live shows I have EVER seen!

Oh I know what you are saying..."I'm too cooooool for Thor." Well, Trevi's wife Becky is now a proud owner of a mic stand that Thor bent with his own bare hands in his battle to defeat the creature that was lurking amogst the crowd. You, meanwhile, got nothin' ! Don't come crying to me now.

Only Trevi and his possee were savvy enough to show up. Goddamn right! That possee knows how to fuckin' rock! And the gods of rock, seeing this, bestowed upon them a performance so mighty as to make bartenders weep. The metal gods, meanwhile, see you, curse your name, and send a plague fit only for the weak - endless nights of reality TV.

There are more photos at

Friday, August 19, 2005

Diary 19 August - Puffy Ami Yumi, T'afia, and Tuesday Rehersal


So now it's Puffy Ami Yumi in the car. Yea, it's a relief as Orion finally got tired of listening to James Kochalka's Monkey Vs Robot and I have to admit the Puffy Ami Yumi theme song is pretty frikkin kick-ass. Despite the weak bridge, it'd be a great song to cover. So now if you ever need anyone to quote you the lyrics of the "Teen Titans Theme", I'm your guy.

Previously, we'd been listing to the Kochalka CD. Yes, I've been listening to Orion yell "Put Down the Gun Kurt Cobain/ Don't blow out Your Brain", "Keg Party/Keeeeeg party/ Keeeeeg Party? CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG!" for quite some time now. While I will grant Kochalka his brilliance, I have to admit that there are only so many months of hearing it 10 times a week minimum before it starts getting a bit tedious. The lyrics to Peanut butter and Jellyfish, though, still make me laugh: "her body is a loaf of bread/ and when you cut off her head/ there's peanut butter and jelly inside/ you don't even have to spread it" - brilliantly surreal.

Puffy, while pretty much poppy kid-geared music, at least has some charm. My niece is totally into all that Disney crap. Oh my god, Hillary Duff needs to go down! Disney should be sued for destroying the brains of girls who should be listening to Sleator-Kinney instead as a rock role model.

As for adults. WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH FRANZ FERDINAND AND THEIR NEW SONG? "Look at me. I'm frikkin Roxy Music!" It makes me want to line everyone in the band and give them a swift nut check. NO WONDER SONY HAD TO PAY RADIO STATIONS to get people to listen! I was suspicious of them last year and now they have totally earned my active contempt. Hell, even Thor does a better Roxy Music than these guys (no really he does!).


Rosa and I went out last night to Tapalia (Monica Pope's restaurant) to meet some old friends of hers. Unfortunately, a one course meal took over two hours. Sorry, but if I'm paying $20 for an entree I expect a bit better service. Also, hey waiter, move my ass out so other people can tip you. Fool! Nevertheless, it was nice too see Brandon and Michael. The downside was Brandon's buddy was a woman who was so tedious that I was dying anytime she spoke. A sample of her wit - "I love a good piece of Bass!" Oh stop you are killing me! No, you really are.


Lastly we actually had a good practice. I had this Hendrix styled riff and presented it to the band. Clinton said "Hey that would go great with this old riff that I never had a second part to." It actually worked. While we still need a proper arrangement and maybe some more parts, it's still a good primordial song. You can hear a low-fi version of what we worked on the other day at It needs a lot of work but it will be funny to see where the song goes.

Well, I'm off. Tomorrow I interview Thor. Please, pass me any questions you may have for the Rock God.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Diary 08 August 2005 - The Mirrors

The Mirrors played yesterday at Rudyard's. Despite the small crowd of friends and admirers, they played spectacularly. It's a shame. Greg Ashley vocals were just as great as I recall them. This band was the only ones who could really pull off a 13th Floor Elevators style of Psche that while inspired never merely copied it's source. Ashley and crew were smart enough to take a sound and make it their own. The opening (sorry I can't recall the title) was just as trippy as I remember hearing it live. The Vox keyboard with it's Leslie sound just shatters what ever realm you are in and transports you to another world. Heavy, trippy, and sadly a band that never released more than two albums when they still had so much more ground to cover. Well at least it made for a great Monday night show.

Maybe the set was colored by the fact that I drank like a fish. Karen was kind enough to set sail on the drinking express but I'm an amateur and wasn't able to keep up with a pro. Yea, I even goaded Karen to cap off with a trip to Poison Girl for a Scott Butt Bloody Mary. There we solved the world's energy problems when we mathematically discovered a way to generate infinite energy from a napkin, a peanut, and one of those little drink umbrellas. Yea, once I find the matchbook where we wrote our notes I'm going to the US patent office and getting rich! OK actually it was more drunken rambling but mercifully Karen let me chill at her pad for a while until I was able to drive back home. Thanks sistah, You are a life saver!

Now I just need to nurse my head from the hangover. Drinking on a workday is not for the weak- you will pay for it the next day.