Saturday, November 25, 2006

Friday, November 24, 2006

Early Warning!!! December 16th (with Lori Update)

We've been working hard to put together a pretty awesome bill. The Dimes and Gay Marriage have both released stellar albums that you should have in your collection. Given our endless admiration for their work, we asked them to please play with us and they finally relented. Note that this will the final show ever by Gay Marriage! They play a very short set so don't be late!

We made the show all ages and to mix things up we even added PRKL8R to the bill for you dancing fools. Not enough? Well how about Lori "Surfer" Varga doing multimedia? Admittedly, that last one is right now a bit dodgy as we just got the word yesterday that Lori's employer is suddenly denying her a day off but we hope to figure something out and make it happen; we'll let you know what we figure out. Anyhow, it's $5 or $7 bucks and it will be great. So come on down! [Update, Lori will still be able to do it. I will have to drive her back right after the show but she is going to do it. Hooray!]

By the way there is no LP4 poster because after we made the first three (below) we realized that at 11X17 these really hogged a lot of space where ever we posted them and adding a fourth would be a bit much.

Oh and special love to Rosa for the photos and Shawna.