Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tally Ho Tally Ho - LP and July 4th show update

Crazy how well this is all going. Last week we had a listening party for the test pressing and it sounds great!!! The only downside was United goofed on the locked groove but a quick phone call on the following Monday cleared everything up. They were super nice and super helpful. Hell the engineer even called me to ask where we wanted the locked groove to hit. It was really nice of him to take the time to call and I was happy he put some pride in his work. The blank locked groove error was simply a miscommunication on the order form. So here it is a week later and Clinton says he got the new pressings in and he said "They nailed the locked groove!" Sweet, I can't wait to hear it. Now we just have to work on the covers, inserts and CDRs! Joy! We wouldn't kill ourselves on this if we weren't sure it was the best thing we've done. Consider this our "Fuck you! Top this motherfucker" release.

In the meantime are now getting ready for our July 4th show; it's our last show until October since Clinton is about to join me in Rock and Roll fatherhood. So we've been rehearsing double time as we were so busy with mixing and mastering the LP that before we knew it we didn't have much time to actually, you know, rehearse. But we're in pretty good shape for the show. We'll be playing with Novox for a very patriotic Turbojugend Humpday this Wednesday at Rudyards. Given it's July 4th we're not starting until 11PM so you can come by after the fireworks. We're playing first and Novox will be closing the evening. Given it's a weeknight, we plan to end around 1PM so you can get a few Zs before you head home. Plus remember if you don't come to our show, the terrorists have won.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

July 4th - the only LP4 show until at least October

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Come on out to Rudyard's after the fireworks. We'll start at 11pm and perform our new album and one more song followed by Novox doing their set about midnight. Remember if you don't come to our show, the terrorists have won. God bless America.