Friday, October 16, 2009

Hi friends, we've been a bit busy since our last post.

Hi LP4 fans,

As you can see by the image of HAM we've lately been obsessed with the idea of space chimps for no good goddamn reason. In our research on we ran across this article from that chronicled how sadly our heroic chimp-o-nauts have had it over the years. Luckily, Save the Chimps has been doing some good work and you can even adopt a chimp. We particularly like Gromek the chimp because he has bad-ass name so expect that name to appear in some lyric at some point.

At this point, you are likely asking "Sure primates in space are cool but what else have you guys been up to?" OK then...

Well, we've been pretty busy in the studio lately and so haven't been out playing shows or much else. We did have a chance to open for Shonen Knife on November 9th at Mangos (Larry and I are huge fans) but once we realized it had become a four band bill on a Monday night we thought it would best for everyone concerned to not clog up the bill with four bands and so we gracefully bowed out. Still, if you are in Houston you should definitely check out the show, we'll be there (of course off the stage).

Personal commitments forced us to have to cancel our playing two excellent festivals (This fall's Block Party on November 14th and 15th and a cool psych fest being put on by our friends at Golden Cities on December 5th). Sadly, it doesn't look like we're going to play any shows before year's end which is a shame because shows are always fun.

On the bright side, we have been pretty productive in the studio.

We have a split 7" with our good friends ST37 that we hope to have out early next year. The song we've picked is one called "Monster" which is pretty much what you'd expect when people say "Texas Psych" and ST37 are doing a cover of Helios Creeds' "Lactating Purple." We're looking at a run of like 300 with silk screened covers (prepared and designed by a local artist and screened by ourselves).

We also expect to have a CD album of odds and sods we've had kicking around for some time in the spring of 2010. It's stuff that was mainly recorded and written between Killing You With Rock and All Things Are Light. The material is a lot more focused on melody than just chimpy guitar riffs so if you are expecting the muscle riffs of ATAL you may be disappointed beyond the re-issue of HAWG!. That said it's solid stuff and if you've kept up with our myspace you've likely heard older mixes and recordings of songs like "Porno In the sink" (which we re-recorded with a drunken piano part that's pretty aces).

Add to that the fact that we are looking at releasing a full length LP by the end of 2010 of all new material. If you are in Houston you've likely heard some of the material live but some of it is stuff that is still in the gestation stage of songwriting. The material though seems to be along the lines of ATAL in terms of the heavy riffage. If You've heard the demo of "She Did Not Know" on our Myspace you'll know what to expect.

And as for recent press...

Pauling On Line: The Good folks at this blog devoted to our favorite scientist gave us a passing mention in this article which was an epic thrill for us: Clarifying Three Widespread Quotes

The Examiner: Trevor Wallace wrote a nice interview with us: The Linus Pauling Quartet: space, dope, monkeys and D & D

Astral Headspace: The folks here dug back and gave their (you could say belated) top 10 albums of 2007 and All Things are Light scored the bronze: All Things Are Light - Linus Pauling Quartet #3. Thanks guys, that's awful nice.

Here is a post for You Tube that they made for "Waiting For the Axe To Fall":

Well that is all friends.