Thursday, July 30, 2009

And so Clinton came down from the mountain with these 5 commandments.

Here is an excerpt from an e-mail conversation Clinton and I had yesterday in which Clinton lays out the 5 commandments of Linus.

Here are some things that LP4 members should NOT do:

1) Give guitars to women. Especially vintage guitars. No good can ever come of this.

2) Text women during practice, even during exceptionally long and tedious guitar solos by one's bandmates

3) Avoid load-out so they can get some booty

4) Go to see highly questionable shows just because some woman they are into is there


5) Give up drinking for any reason other than avoiding imminent, massive organ failure - and even then, it comes up for a vote

These Principles have stood the force of time, reinforced by the Wisdom of all, and continuing to flout them will undoubtedly result in exceptionally Bad Karma.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We're playing Saturday August 1st with ST37 & Giant Princess! Come on Out!

Poster By Lindsey Simard
(Right click to enlarge)

Hey comic book fans, you may recognize the artwork above as being that of Lindsey Simard of the KTRU Post-Punk Show as well as the much beloved Weak Highlights comix. Colorful awesomeness isn't it! The show itself should be just as awesome. We've got the ever bad-ass Giant Princess opening the show who are a band that sound like what an Indie-Pop band would sound like if they ever were on International Artists. I personally really love the song Adventure and it's almost obscene to have them open given how balls out their live shows are. In Headlining Middle slot (this is Houston after all and nobody wants to play last) is Austin's Psych-rock masters ST37. We've played with them a million times over the years but this time should be special as it's their first tour in I believe Five years. I remember driving up to Austin to see their last record release a few years back and all I could say was it was worth the drive. So come on out, set a spell, and enjoy a fine night of music at (our home base) Rudyards.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

It's July and we're playing Mangos with Fired For Walking and Novox on the 18th

Anyhow we had a blast the Harvey Milk/Bolt show last month. Bolt are fast becoming one of the more fun bands in Houston (shamelessly swiping from T-Rex and early Bowie) though arguably the normally excellent sound at Rudz failed them for some reason. I'd seen them three times now and this was the one time they seemed off to me. Hey no worries, I was pretty sick that day with a horrible cold and had to clock in a show. I think that's the first time I'd done that but it was all I could do to just hit the notes given my condition. Playing sick is pretty lame, I tell you what, but the show must go on. It reminds me of a time where I had a hundred degree fever (I later passed out at home I was so sick) and there I was laying on the studio couch as we went over remixes - stupid! Anyhow, I digress, Point is Harvey Milk closed and holy shit were they amazing. Even through all my sickness drama I was still blown away. The band was probably one of the most heavy bands I'd ever seen and the singer sang with a roar that would have made a grizzly stop its charge, cower, and run away. Fucking amazing! I hope they make it back in town and I'm in better health.

That was back in May but this is July and we have a show coming up now that Clinton is back from the EU...
Nice poster huh? One of the Fired For Walking dudes did it. FFW are the band that still carries the 90's torch with flair and Novox are one of Houston's best (if criminally under appreciated) instrumental rock acts. Plus it's at Mangos (my FPH editor and chief's wife's new restaurant/bar/venue) where you can get your vegetarian/vegan on and order at ODB for breakfast or choose between a Castro or Zapatista pizza. Anyhow, see ya there no?

Oh and PS, we're playing with our good buddies ST37 and Giant Princess at Rudyard's on August 1st too so Mark you calendars.