Thursday, June 16, 2005

Jana Hunter at the Orange Show

Well, I missed Jana the previous night at Sound Exchange but had the Good Luck to catch her touring friend John (whose last name escapes me). The guy did a gorgeous version of "that old black magic" that was inexplicable in it's emotion and simplicity. Sadly, I had to leave after two songs. Kudos to anyone who can play unamplified and pull off that much emotion and presence.

Saturday, I was able to catch Jana (missed john's set) and goddamn if it wasn't nice to hear Jana singing live again. Matty and Mossy played with us back during the release of "Ashes in the Bong of God" and damn if their release wasn't one of the best albums ever to come out of Houston. Jana is working solo now and she told me she is just getting back into writing material with a new release coming soon. What's funny about Jana is she is one of those people who talks in a manner where her teeth never open more than maybe One CM. So she talks with that immovable jaw manner many people have but when she sings her voice transforms into this very open and warm hearth that just brings everyone in. But that was the charm of these performances. They weren't flashy or loud just simple and honest and some times that's all you need.

Well, that and the terror of the huge flying roach behind janna slowly climbing the mast of the iron ship behind her. This is Houston after all.

After the show, various people went to Rudyard's Pub. I Got pissed, played darts, and ate nachos - all in all good fun. But near the end of the night, I got accosted by an ex-Sprawl member about having made fun of Sprawl like what 10 - 15 years ago. He wasn't being mean or anything but it was one of those no-escape conversations. Two things on this - first, my opinion isn't that important and two, I know all the words to "big ass jewel". Now can we move on, I was busy getting sauced! What Last Call? Damn!!!

Photo: Ms Rosa

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Here Here the Linus Pauling parliament is in Session

Yes, the Linus Pauling parliament was in session at Poison Girl this Tuesday and as you can see from the meeting notes (a portion of which you can see below courtesy of C-SPAN). Great progress was made on various topics. Here are the summary notes again courtesy of C-Span:

  • Flonase is better than Claratin

  • Breakfast at Brazil is good but Poached eggs are punk ass

  • Linus = Po = Van Gogh

  • Steve contends that X-Box battlefront On-Line is "Fuckin' Cool"

  • Taiwan parliament and Hockey are no different except that nobody has bothered to market the latter.

  • Steve is now too fat for Vinyl Pants

  • Ray Price and Fela were not Bourgeoisie

  • Ramon Can't spell Bourgeoisie when drunk

  • Clinton, Steve, and Larry contend that Britney Spears has a "fine ass" Whereas Ramon and Charlie beg to differ. Ramon suggests that "History will bear him Out:"

  • This leads to the follow up debate of who is hotter "Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera" Clinton and Steve weigh in while Ramon considers the question a false dilemma saying he would chose none of the above as he claims he can easily think of real women much more worthy of the tag.

  • Oh yes and something about playing live...