Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Westheimer Block Party!!!

Well we played the Westheimer Block Party this past Saturday and it was an interesting experience. I mean we've played festivals but they always seem to be indoors and we've played outdoors before but that was someone's backyard. This was outside, on a fairly wide stage with monitors and the whole shebang. So this was new territory for us and while we had a great time it was, shall we say, not our best live performance err... I mean it approached the godhead of musical experiences.

Still, despite that whole train wreck of a show the tedious crush of fans and adulation, we had a good time and a dude - who I think may be one of the Valient Thorr dudes or a damn good doppelganger - said he really dug it and someone told me a bunch of pot smokers also dug it too. So, go figure, stoners and heavy rockin' bearded dudes liked our set to at least some degree.

But lets look at the LP4 show elements in detail here:

A. Huge throng of onlookers bowing to our greatness. Clearly awed by our mighty rock.
B. What may seem like an empty 10 foot gap between band and audience is really where the time space singularity (caused by our volume) exists. Any audience member foolish enough to step too close would be sucked up into another dimension.
C.1 Not poor fashion sense, I am merely ahead of my time. Right now this may appear to be a fashion disaster but I am already told that Muccia Prada's fall line up will be following my lead.
C.2 What may have sounded like an out of tune guitar to the common person is actually a rebellion against the oppressive wohl temperiert 12 note per octave scale. Fuck Bach!
D. Charlie studied with George Balanchine and here is putting his years of rigorous dance instruction to the test. This move is known as "la singe."
E. Beer is what fuels this engine.
F. For legal reasons, I can't say what powers this engine.
G. It's not that we rushed our soundcheck and therefore Clinton couldn't hear the rest of the band. No not at all, it is that his tone is so perfect as to cause all other sounds to be phased out.

Yes, that's right if you missed this show we were freaking awesome and boy did you miss out!*

Thanks Omar and the Free press for having us,
We had fun

*On the other hand, if you saw the show - our sincerest apologies