Friday, October 22, 2010

The Linus Pauling Quartet - Live In Joe Mathlete's Living Room

This project was a bit delayed as we'd hoped to have it done in time for Tonystock but alas, we are Linus and things just get done whenever they get done ya know? ...because well...hell... we're just complicated, OK? Anyhow, thing is we missed that deadline but also intended this for Joe's "in the living room series" and Joe finally published it on the 29-95 website today.

I can't recall what songs we recorded that day but I do recall it ended after we went into a cover of Can's "Sunshine Girl" that ended the set with guitars in need of a visit to the guitar tech. Unfortunately Joe's main camera's batteries gave out but somewhere out there the footage awaits release. What we do have is three songs - 40oz (from ATAL), Hamburger Girl (from Immortal Chinese Classics), and a medley of The Linus Theme and Mournebong (also from the first album) - performed in a low key setting with bongos and acoustic guitars.
So, check out the link below and see if you can guess which member of the LP4 doesn't know how to play Stairway to Heaven.

Album Release for Horns of Ammon is tomorrow!!!!

Well hell,

Here it is Friday afternoon and we have two shows tomorrow for the new album Horns of Ammon. The cover is made by our good friend Chris Cascio and we're pretty stoked. As Larry put it, we're hosing down the vault before moving on to the new material (that we hope to have released early in 2011 under the name Bag of Hammers) and so Horn of Ammon is really a bunch of songs that we really are proud of but because of tracking and/or time limits never made it on previous releases and since they were all written between C6 and ATAL, it represents a period where we were experimenting with vocals and melody as opposed to just guitar riffing and so they seem to kind of fit together style and mood wise. And for fun we threw-in "HAWG!!!" which if you missed the original 13 CD-R edition, here is your second chance to enjoy this 11 minute 2 chord Biker classic.

Anyhow, here is the cover for the new album:

As for the shows,

Well, it should be pretty awesome. We've got a day show at Cactus where local brewery St. Arnold's will providing free err... refreshments. Then in the evening we'll be playing over on the Kohn's garage roof with the downtown skyline behind us. Plus, we'll have our good friends Chris Cascio, Hearts of Animals, and The Mathletes performing as well. It's all free and we'll have copies of the new CD for sale.

Cactus Music in-store (Free)
Linus Pauling Quartet


7:00-10:00PM (Free)
On the Khon’s Garage Roof
2808 Milam

9:00pm Linus Pauling Quartet
8:00pm The Mathletes
7:30pm Hearts Of Animals
7:00pm Chris Cascio

PS. Our good friends Giant Princess are also having a record release on the same day over at Fitzgerald's. We plan on heading over after our show and you should too. Here is a link for the full details over at Indie Houston.