Saturday, December 06, 2008

Linus Pauling Quartet with our pals Ume! 19 December 2008 at Rudz!!

Wow the final LP4 show of the year.

Sorry if this all seems kind-of last minute but, ironically, we asked Ume to headline this show a long time ago; we simply had a lot of scheduling issues to overcome (holiday season and all). I'm a huge fan of Lauren's fretwork so playing with Ume for me is a thrill. The great thing is, despite a few crazy scheduling headaches, it's actually happening and, even better, it's free!!!!

By the way, that poster is by Michael C. Rodriguez. He's a local artist who I commissioned to do the show's poster. I've dug his work for some time and, happily, got to meet him recently. It turns out he's a nice guy to boot. This is something we're hoping to do more of in the future - working with local artists and commissioning posters, not only as a way to make our posters look better, but also as a way to highlight the talent here in Houston.

Anyhow, we hope to see you there and note that a few new songs will be making their debut.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stoked!!!!!!! LP4 with MV & EE and Wols

Wooooo! I am stoked about our newest and only confirmed show (the previously mentioned Artstorm show has been pushed back to some as yet undetermined date in 2009). We are playing with MV & EE (Matt Valentine and Erika Elder) whose work I just love to death be it with the Golden Road or as a duo! That's pretty cool and awesome in and of itself but we're also playing with Wols (Amye McCarthur) which is just an amazing stroke of good fortune as she also is someone I admire greatly. I'm so stoked that I'm asking local artist Eli Sebastian Brumbaugh to do the poster artwork and looks like he might be able to swing one. YUSSS! So, mark your calendars:

MV & EE, Linus Pauling Quartet, and Wols
Saturday 31 January 2009

at Rudyard's British Pub

Thursday, September 11, 2008

C6H8O6 Reissue, ATAL Update, and Upcoming Artstorm Show

Hi friends,

Long time since we've spoken. I'm sure some of you have been pretty sad that C6H8O6 - or as we like to call it C6 - has been sold out for some time now. Well, lo and behold, we are right now negotiating with Germany's September Gurls to see it reissued as an LP. Right now it's pretty loose as to how it will appear. Single LP? Double LP? New Cover Art? Bonus Tracks? Inserts? A Particle Accelerator? It's that loose, but the big hurdles are out of the way and one thing is for sure it will be re-mastered for a far superior sound.

Also, All Things Are Light is coming close to selling out. We have about 10 left to sell at shows and at Sound Exchange Houston (our local indie record store), Europe has long been sold out, and Carrot Top Distribution has some copies for sale. You can order copies via Carrot Top via their on-line store Saki.

Lastly, for people who wonder when we are playing next, some scheduling conflicts have caused us to turn down some pretty neat shows (a show at the River Oaks Theatre and The Westheimer Block Party to name two) but the stars seem aligned for us to play an Artstorm opening with Inidan Jewelry sometime in late November. Right now the date is sketchy but it should happen sometime after IJ gets back from touring which is in Mid-November.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Terrastock 7 Wrap-ups

Terrastock's Grand Poobah, Phil McMullen, chats with the band
Photo Rosa Guerrero

Well, Terrastock 7 is over. We had a lot of fun, met a lot of wonderful people, and made a lot of new friends. We suffered the horrors of bad road food (Pirate Dairy Queen outside Nashville with the one-armed cook being the low point) and the pain of hangovers (the low point being Steve almost hurling in the car on Saturday). On the other hand, we enjoyed the thrills of experiencing such great music and the joy of engaging with such a wonderful congregation of folks. We met artists who we've admired for ages and would never have had the nerve to approach under any other circumstances. Thankfully, Terrastock is so friendly an atmosphere that we did get over our hang-ups and came to discover that they were all sweet, funny, smart, and generous people. The Terrastock fans were also a hoot with the kids from room 285 being especially cool and fun to hang out with. Overall, it was tiring,overwhelming, a lot of work, and a lot of fun.

I think the whole feeling can be summed up on Saturday night, - the last night before some of us had to leave. We drove around after the show while Larry played his Gary Numan live Double CD. We'd sing "Garyyyyy Numaaaaan" to every instrumental intro to every song which led Larry to sheepishly say "I can change the CD if you want?" This was met with a chorus of "NO!" and the Gary Numan played on as we made our way to Wicks Pizza on Baxter. We got in, ordered a huge-ass pie stacked with meat, enjoyed some of the more local brew, and just kicked back chatting about the festival. You've never seen the LP4 more giddy and the reason for that was we all felt very grateful and lucky to have had that experience. Music and friends - that's Terrastock in a nutshell.
Thanks every one
With Love to the Terrastock Nation
The Lp4

Charlie wraps it up with Photos by Rosa Guerrero for the Houston Press:Holiday Road: Linus Pauling Quartet Hits Terrastock

Ramon wraps it up for the Free PressHouston: Music with Jameson & Lone Star: special Terrastock 7 edition




Thursday, March 20, 2008

We're in Pitchfork

Er...well not really (joke courtesey of Bright Men of Learning's Marshall Preddy). Actually Pitchfork just announced Terrastock today. Thanks Mike of Sharks and Sailors for the heads up. Here is the Link:

Monday, March 17, 2008

SXSW was a blast! Thank you everyone!

Live LP4 Photo by Flip Osman on his IPhone

I had a blast playing SXSW. I just want to say thank you to everyone who came out, those who provided beds and showers, the good folks at the Tap at 6, SXSW, and all my many good good sweet-hearted friends whom I love so dearly for making this SXSW so amazing. It's our third time and easily, for me, the best time ever. I've never been so sad to see it all end. Thanks everyone, that was a truly singular experience.

Live LP4 Photo by Ericspin

Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Tracks on Myspace for your downloading pleasure!

Hello friends,

We have just added three tracks (available for you to download) in anticipation of our playing SXSW next month.

1) An untitled live improvisation in the studio. Load the Bong!

2) The rare and extremely limited issue #48 of the Grey Ghost Series by your truly - HAWG! here reduced to a 112Kbps but, hey, it's better than nothing - especially since the original was limited to 13 copies. Note: includes gratuitous sex, drugs, motorcycles, use of of the phrase "Motherfucker", and guaranteed to not contain more that two chords!

3) Alien Abduction - the opening track from our newest album "All Things are Light"

Here is the link:


The LP4

Friday, February 15, 2008

SXSW 2008 Details

The LP4 has been scheduled to perform at TheTap Room at Six (117 W 4th St) on Thursday, March 13. Word is our pals The Dimes will be playing that night at the same place too - sweet!

Catching up on LP reviews from around the world.

Sorry we've been slacking on the Blog here but we've been getting good feedback in the last few weeks or whatnot since our last post. Here they are:

  • Phil McMullen of England's Ptolemaic Terrascope penned a lovely review (Link)
  • DJ Astro of Finland's The Psychotropic Zone Psychedelic Music Club was just as gracious (Link)
  • Mats Gustafson of Sweden's Broken Face chimes in on Jan 08 with a sweet review. (Link)
  • Fred Mills at Harp magazine wrote some nice things (Link)
  • Jerry Kranitz at Aural Innovations also was very kind. (Link)
  • The Rice Radio Folio (KTRU) Dropped us in their top local albums (Link PDF)
  • Andrew Nicolaou at Southern puts the album in his top 30. (Link)

  • I can't read Poland's Tableau! but I do understand "Stoner-Fuck-Rock" (link)
  • Greece's Electric Requiem wrote up a review but we honestly can't read a lick of Greek. I guessing it's favorable if only because we have a lot of very nice fans from Greece who we like very much. (Link)

  • Additonally Space City Rock did a nice review of the LP4 itself. (Link)