Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Tracks on Myspace for your downloading pleasure!

Hello friends,

We have just added three tracks (available for you to download) in anticipation of our playing SXSW next month.

1) An untitled live improvisation in the studio. Load the Bong!

2) The rare and extremely limited issue #48 of the Grey Ghost Series by your truly - HAWG! here reduced to a 112Kbps but, hey, it's better than nothing - especially since the original was limited to 13 copies. Note: includes gratuitous sex, drugs, motorcycles, use of of the phrase "Motherfucker", and guaranteed to not contain more that two chords!

3) Alien Abduction - the opening track from our newest album "All Things are Light"

Here is the link:


The LP4

Friday, February 15, 2008

SXSW 2008 Details

The LP4 has been scheduled to perform at TheTap Room at Six (117 W 4th St) on Thursday, March 13. Word is our pals The Dimes will be playing that night at the same place too - sweet!

Catching up on LP reviews from around the world.

Sorry we've been slacking on the Blog here but we've been getting good feedback in the last few weeks or whatnot since our last post. Here they are:

  • Phil McMullen of England's Ptolemaic Terrascope penned a lovely review (Link)
  • DJ Astro of Finland's The Psychotropic Zone Psychedelic Music Club was just as gracious (Link)
  • Mats Gustafson of Sweden's Broken Face chimes in on Jan 08 with a sweet review. (Link)
  • Fred Mills at Harp magazine wrote some nice things (Link)
  • Jerry Kranitz at Aural Innovations also was very kind. (Link)
  • The Rice Radio Folio (KTRU) Dropped us in their top local albums (Link PDF)
  • Andrew Nicolaou at Southern puts the album in his top 30. (Link)

  • I can't read Poland's Tableau! but I do understand "Stoner-Fuck-Rock" (link)
  • Greece's Electric Requiem wrote up a review but we honestly can't read a lick of Greek. I guessing it's favorable if only because we have a lot of very nice fans from Greece who we like very much. (Link)

  • Additonally Space City Rock did a nice review of the LP4 itself. (Link)