Monday, October 29, 2007

Attention EU Fans - New LP available NOW! (N.A. Fans you have one more week)

Attention EU fans our new one is now available via our distributor Clear Spot. Only 50 copies made their way across the pond so get them while you can.

North American Fans fear not the US release date is one week away (Nov 6th) via our distributor CTD.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Thanks to all you who came out to Sound Ex on Wednesday

Thanks for coming down to Sound Exchange, celebrating with us, eating 6 large-ass Pizzas, and drinking a hella lot of beer.

I'd have pictured but my batteries died on my digital. C'est la vie.

Monday, October 22, 2007

If you don't live in Houston you are (mostly) out of luck....

We have three things to report this week so pay attention kiddos!

Local LP Presale

This Wednesday 24th of October we're having a small presale of the new album at about 5-5:30ish at Sound Exchange complete with pizza and beer.

This is just something for our local friends and neighbors and an excuse to eat pizza and drink beer after work. Those of you living outside of Houston will simply have to wait until November 6th when it will be officially available via CTD in North America or Clear Spot in the EU.

Record Release Poster and Line-up

Also, here is the line-up for our record release hootenanny at the Proletariat:

Jenny Westbury: A woman whose clever songwriting and understated performance is likely underappreciated in this town - we aim to change that. Come out early or we will kick your ass.

The Jonx: Math rock brains meets punk rock aggression from a trio whose latest album is one of the best albums from 2007. Did you hear me say local albums? No I said albums - Period! Buy the album and see for yourself.

The Mathletes [Featuring the Dimes] : Joe Mathlete takes his brand of youthful pop and gives it some indie muscle with the always jaw-dropping Dimes. I can't wait to see them tear up "Animals"!

Media Page

Yes, we have stooped to a new low - a "New Album" media page for newspapers and magazines . Thanks to Matt Brownlie (Bring Back the Guns) and Melissa Lonchambon (Sharks and Sailors) for giving us ideas to shamelessly steal and Rosa Guerrero for being so kind as to take the time to photograph us (which is a pretty damn painful thing when you think about it).