Saturday, December 06, 2008

Linus Pauling Quartet with our pals Ume! 19 December 2008 at Rudz!!

Wow the final LP4 show of the year.

Sorry if this all seems kind-of last minute but, ironically, we asked Ume to headline this show a long time ago; we simply had a lot of scheduling issues to overcome (holiday season and all). I'm a huge fan of Lauren's fretwork so playing with Ume for me is a thrill. The great thing is, despite a few crazy scheduling headaches, it's actually happening and, even better, it's free!!!!

By the way, that poster is by Michael C. Rodriguez. He's a local artist who I commissioned to do the show's poster. I've dug his work for some time and, happily, got to meet him recently. It turns out he's a nice guy to boot. This is something we're hoping to do more of in the future - working with local artists and commissioning posters, not only as a way to make our posters look better, but also as a way to highlight the talent here in Houston.

Anyhow, we hope to see you there and note that a few new songs will be making their debut.