Monday, December 13, 2010

Girls Rock Camp benefit this Saturday ar Rudz

"Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!"

Hark ye lost souls seeking to escape the drudgery of your daily toil by visiting this board, for Saturday marks the day of Girls Rock Camp Houston's Christmas Benefit.

Yeah, for on this very Saturday on the eighteenth day of December in the year of our lord two-thousand and ten at 2010 Waugh Drive and a wee pub dubbed Rudyard's ye shall be visited by three spirits. The first, Omotai, shall crush you with unrelenting Christmas spirit of grinding metal. Weep for mercy ye shall from the blur of notes and the groan of hell's vocals. The second spirit goes by the name of The Anarchitex. Culled from the darkest corners of Houston Punk history it's members boast a lineage unparalleled in this dimension. Surely names like the The Pain Teens, Really Red, and Happy Fingers Institute already chill your very soul. Finally, the final and most frightening apparition will appear as the clock tolls the midnight hour. It's dark shadow long feared by mortals, it's terrifying rock visage shunned by humanity, it's sounds...nothing less than pure horror. I speak to you of The Linus Pauling Quartet. At stake is your very soul for their cause is a worthy one - a benefit for young women who simply have one wish for Christmas, one very simple and innocent wish, the kind of wish that children pray for as they fall asleep at night - the dream of ROCKING THE FUCK OUT!

Yeah, in fact there will be no cover at the appointed locale but donations will be taken all night ($7 -$10 but you can give more) and your monetary contribution will help fund musical equipment needs such as instruments - lutes, fifes, bladder pipes, rauschpfeifes, sacbuts - strings, plugs for the ears, amplification systems, materials and supplies for non-musical workshops, and scholarships for families who cannot afford to pay the full tuition to attend the camp.

Therefore, I implore your kind assistance. Grab thine red and gold robe, white breeches, black boots and a tricorne hat, head for the square with thine bell and announce this event from every town square and ask people one simple question, "Old Dirty Bastard was for the children, are you?"

Thank you,
Screaming Lord Highmiddlebottom VonRock and Heavy Friends

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Girls Rock Camp Houston Christmas Benefit - Saturday, December 18, 2010

You know what Santa digs?
Rock and Roll!
Rock and Roll played by Girls!!!
So what better way to get on his good side than to help Girls Rock Camp Houston's 2011 program.

Saturday December 18th at Rudyard's we will have the crushing and unrelenting might of Omotai, the action packed all-star team of the Anarchitex (with members of The Pain Teens, Really Red, Happy Fingers Institute, etc etc. etc.) and The Linus Pauling Quartet (that would be us) playing selections from the upcoming 2011 double LP Bag of Hammers largely because we forget how to play the old stuff after a while.

There will be no cover but we will be taking donations all night. We suggest something like $7 -$10 but you can give more.

Your monetary contribution will help fund musical equipment needs (such as instruments, amps, PAs, guitar strings, ear plugs, etc.), materials and supplies for non-musical workshops, and scholarships for families who cannot afford to pay the full tuition to attend the camp. Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tonight (Tuesday 11/09/2010) Live on KTRU 91.7fm

Tonight on the KTRU local show
(8 - 10pm central standard time)
It's The Linus Pauling Quartet!!!

Yes, fans of guitar string frequency oscillation - tonight is your night. The Linus Pauling Quartet will be playing The KTRU Local Show and we guarantee such exciting fare as:

* 82.41 Hz
* 110.00 Hz
* 146.83 Hz
* 196.00 Hz
* 246.94 Hz
* 329.63 Hz

Yes, hear flat or sharp guitars constantly increasing or decreasing their oscillations in a vain attempt to reach and maintain these ideal frequencies!

BONUS DVD features include:
* feel the rush of dirty pots on wah pedals squeaking!!!
* experience Mexican radio through a Vox amp!!!
* marvel at vocal mic feedback!!
* hear such classic catch phrases as "Is this in Drop-D?" and "How does this song go again?"
* your mind will be blown with erratic tempo shifts, solos in the wrong key, and epic string breakage!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Linus Pauling Quartet - Live In Joe Mathlete's Living Room

This project was a bit delayed as we'd hoped to have it done in time for Tonystock but alas, we are Linus and things just get done whenever they get done ya know? ...because well...hell... we're just complicated, OK? Anyhow, thing is we missed that deadline but also intended this for Joe's "in the living room series" and Joe finally published it on the 29-95 website today.

I can't recall what songs we recorded that day but I do recall it ended after we went into a cover of Can's "Sunshine Girl" that ended the set with guitars in need of a visit to the guitar tech. Unfortunately Joe's main camera's batteries gave out but somewhere out there the footage awaits release. What we do have is three songs - 40oz (from ATAL), Hamburger Girl (from Immortal Chinese Classics), and a medley of The Linus Theme and Mournebong (also from the first album) - performed in a low key setting with bongos and acoustic guitars.
So, check out the link below and see if you can guess which member of the LP4 doesn't know how to play Stairway to Heaven.

Album Release for Horns of Ammon is tomorrow!!!!

Well hell,

Here it is Friday afternoon and we have two shows tomorrow for the new album Horns of Ammon. The cover is made by our good friend Chris Cascio and we're pretty stoked. As Larry put it, we're hosing down the vault before moving on to the new material (that we hope to have released early in 2011 under the name Bag of Hammers) and so Horn of Ammon is really a bunch of songs that we really are proud of but because of tracking and/or time limits never made it on previous releases and since they were all written between C6 and ATAL, it represents a period where we were experimenting with vocals and melody as opposed to just guitar riffing and so they seem to kind of fit together style and mood wise. And for fun we threw-in "HAWG!!!" which if you missed the original 13 CD-R edition, here is your second chance to enjoy this 11 minute 2 chord Biker classic.

Anyhow, here is the cover for the new album:

As for the shows,

Well, it should be pretty awesome. We've got a day show at Cactus where local brewery St. Arnold's will providing free err... refreshments. Then in the evening we'll be playing over on the Kohn's garage roof with the downtown skyline behind us. Plus, we'll have our good friends Chris Cascio, Hearts of Animals, and The Mathletes performing as well. It's all free and we'll have copies of the new CD for sale.

Cactus Music in-store (Free)
Linus Pauling Quartet


7:00-10:00PM (Free)
On the Khon’s Garage Roof
2808 Milam

9:00pm Linus Pauling Quartet
8:00pm The Mathletes
7:30pm Hearts Of Animals
7:00pm Chris Cascio

PS. Our good friends Giant Princess are also having a record release on the same day over at Fitzgerald's. We plan on heading over after our show and you should too. Here is a link for the full details over at Indie Houston.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Album release Poster

Hi friends,
We're a bit behind on our blogging and we promise we'll catch up with a what we did over the summer post soon but for now here is the poster for our upcoming record release.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Linus Pauling Quartet tonight on KTRU - Rice's besieged student run station

We will be performing with a host of other local bands tonight on the KTRU local show. For those outside of Houston who are unaware, Rice University has quietly negotiated for the sale of the Student Run Radio Station over the summer while the students were away. KTRU has been an invaluable part of the community and... in particular the music community in Houston. Exposing listeners to artists that would otherwise not have a way to reach their audience. To kill the station after 40 years of broadcasting would be a huge loss for the city and given the secretive manner in which the deal was handled, a sad day for students at Rice University.

Please be so good as to check out below and lend your support.

See you guys at 8pm central time on KTRU radio on 91.7fm.
This may be the last time but we hope not.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Egads! 7" is on Youtube...

Weirdness, we only just released this last week and already the 7" is on Youtube.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

First review for the new 7" is in....

Well it looks like the new single got some love over at Space City Rock. Jeremy Hart wrote:

"...First off, the Quartet’s track, “Monster,” eschews the band’s trademark thundering guitar attack (at least at first) in favor of a hypnotic, raga-sounding drone that brings to mind the Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows,” of all things; definitely not what I was expecting, given the band’s general leanings...

The sitar-esque guitars, the repetitive riffs, the flat, Donovan-sounding vocals — put it all together, and you could be forgiven for thinking you’d slapped on the wrong damn record. But hey, they make it work surprisingly well...

The track comes off like Nick Cave doing some kind of half-sarcastic take on raw garage rock, and it’s frighteningly addictive."

You can read the full review at Space City Rock

Thanks Jeremy. We're glad you liked it.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Linus Pauling Quartet/ST37 Split 7" Release shows in Austin and Houston (5/28 & 5/29)

Hide your women! Hide your children! Long has it been since its horrendous visage has fouled a stage, yet much like C'thulu, The LP4 rises again this month!

The LP4's return shall be marked by the arrival of small polyvinyl chloride discs containing new musical incantations. Etched into this disc will be Monster, a song that will send aurally induced psychedelic visions of such frightening depths that words are rendered useless. The disc will also include a track by Austin's ST37 who have created their own interpretation of Helios Creed's Lactating Purple that will cause such psychotroic harm to your cerebral cortex that you may spend the rest of your days as a drooling madman. [Update] And yes, both the events the Houston event will render unto you a free copy of the split 7" single. The Austin event will not render you a free 7" but there will be no cover.

On hand for this blackest of evenings will be Golden Cites (5/29 in Houston) and Book of Shadows (5/28 in Austin) both of which should send shudders from an instinctual subconscious fear that has lurked deep in our species since its earliest days.

The locations are no less frightful and mysterious. In Houston, the site is Rudyard's British Pub whose dark wooden interior hides a dark secret - a secret so dark that few dare speak its name but for the primitives of the Montrose who are known to mutter Rudzburger is fearful tones. Meanwhile, the Austin locale is no less a source of terror. I could explain to you what unspeakable acts occurred there but you would mistake my utterances for those of a lunatic. Yet, I believe its name alone speaks volumes to this indescribable horror - Cheer Up Charlie's.

Heed this warning mortals and behold the poster art below! The time is nigh upon us!

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

Houston Show ($7 includes 7" Single)

Austin Show (Free but does not includes 7" Single)

(art by Orion Medina-Guerrero 8 yrs)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Split 7" Artwork Revealed and Two Release Shows Announced

We commissioned artist Eli Sebastian Brumbaugh to illustrate our upcoming split 7" with ST 37. Below is the lovely and intricate final result of his labors and, needless to say, we are pretty thrilled. We've sent the full-resolution versions over to our good friends over at I Heart U who will be making a screen for us. We will then take the screen and hand-screen the covers ourselves in various lovely colors.

If all goes as planned with United Records, (and it looks like it will since we just got the test pressing today) you will be able to hold one of these in your hands when you attend one of our two 7" release shows in May. The first is on Friday 28 May at Cheer Up Charlie's in Austin and the second is on Saturday 29 May at Rudyards British Pub in Houston. We'll have further details soon.

Thank you Eli.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Yo foo'! Quit yo jubba jabba and check it out!!

Yes, it's the inner label for the upcoming 7"! Wow!

OK so it's not as exciting as the cover Eli is gonna make for us but this is important because this had to be completed before we could send off the masters to United Record Pressing. Now that it is done, we will be shipping off our stuff to URP this week.

Keep a look out for record release shows in Houston and Austin in the next few months.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Linus Pauling Quartet's choice for 2012

Oh HELL yes!

Clinton explains the decision:
"Ramon and I have patched up our political differences with the ultimate Presidential campaign ticket -- NIXON + TYNER! There's something in it for both of us -- Nixon, probably the smartest Prez we've ever had in modern times, his domestic policy was pretty liberal for a Republican yet still market-oriented, tough but realistic about foreign policy, and completely and utterly corrupt. Tyner - drug addled, woman chasing pseudo-revolutionary spewing random word salad and wearing rhinestone spandex and a fro the size of the Hindenburg.

Their campaign motto?


Thursday, March 04, 2010

The LP4 Dry Erase Board

We are all pretty excited, since Larry bought a new dry erase board. I don't know about most folks but for me, when yr. just figuring out an arrangement, it's good to have some kind of simple visual reference to follow until you have it all finalized. So, to give you a peek at the mind of Linus, here are two songs we are working on:
Star Chimp


Friday, February 12, 2010

New album cover????

'K maybe not.

We're in the usual round of coming up with a title for our next album. Now the late 2010 heavy-duty album's title, Bag Of Hammers, is a pretty done deal but the one we plan to release before that one was still up in the air. Most everyone liked The Many Moods of Linus which was Clinton's nod to Throbbing Gristle. I threw in my two cents and said I thought that the neo-lounge thing was a bit old hat even though I know that was not Clinton's point of reference for the title. Anyhow, the usual discussion then took place and as Linus discussions go, they go south. In this case Dirty South as Clinton finally trumped us all with this:

So Long story short...

The Many Moods of Linus it is.

Monday, January 04, 2010


It's chill time here for the LP4. As you can see from the photo, Steve Finley is off skiing. The rest of us, meanwhile, have been taking time off to enjoy the holidays and, in the interim listed All Things Are Light as one of Houston's top 100 albums of the decade. But fear not, we are not resting on our laurels. As we mentioned in our last post, we're moving forward with a hella lotta activity in 2010.

Yes, you may have been lulled into complacency in 2009 but, much like Cthulu, the LP4 has only been quietly biding it's time - waiting for the right time in which to rise from the depths.

Hide your women, hide your children: we are Linus!

Happy New Year, friends and fans alike!