Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tonight (Tuesday 11/09/2010) Live on KTRU 91.7fm

Tonight on the KTRU local show
(8 - 10pm central standard time)
It's The Linus Pauling Quartet!!!

Yes, fans of guitar string frequency oscillation - tonight is your night. The Linus Pauling Quartet will be playing The KTRU Local Show and we guarantee such exciting fare as:

* 82.41 Hz
* 110.00 Hz
* 146.83 Hz
* 196.00 Hz
* 246.94 Hz
* 329.63 Hz

Yes, hear flat or sharp guitars constantly increasing or decreasing their oscillations in a vain attempt to reach and maintain these ideal frequencies!

BONUS DVD features include:
* feel the rush of dirty pots on wah pedals squeaking!!!
* experience Mexican radio through a Vox amp!!!
* marvel at vocal mic feedback!!
* hear such classic catch phrases as "Is this in Drop-D?" and "How does this song go again?"
* your mind will be blown with erratic tempo shifts, solos in the wrong key, and epic string breakage!!!

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