Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Final Tracks for the new album are done...

Yes, that's right we just laid down the last two tracks for the upcoming album last night- a guitar solo and a guitar/analog delay feedback track for Alien Abduction. This means the next stage in the process is the portion we like to call "Drive Steve Crazy" which usually consists of mixing sessions where the band makes random suggestions that often contradict their last suggestions, random requests that an entire track be replaced by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, or the classic "make 50 remixes only to decide that the first one (made months ago) was really the best version". The only way to remain sane here is to bring good whiskey and beer: a lot if it.

Onward Men!!!!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Stuff to do...

Tonight you can catch The Defenistration Unit (with our own Charlie H) at Notsuoh with the Mathletes.

Then, Thursday at Rudz I will be playing in Kilian Sweeney's Redo Makeshift Band. I'll be playing with ex-schmoggers like Chris Bakos, Kilian Sweeney, and Johnathan Sage which means...I'm so waaay out of my league. So I'll be there holding down the bell curve for the rest of the class which will include (I'm told) Mike Switzer and Joe Mathlete.

Bright Men of Learning, who really burn it up on stage, will be playing along with the Mathletes are just fun fun fun. Rudyard's, BMOL, Mathletes, and sucking on stage - sounds like a good night!!!! Here is Joe Mathlete's disturbing flyer.

Oh and while I"m plugging stuff there's a Cardboard Exhibit at Super Happy next week; You can Read more about it on Kilian's Blog.

Lastly, KTRU has its outdoor show today and for the first time ever (aside from the Dimes - who we will never stop praising) I'm just not that interested in the line-up this year. I mean it's all right, I guess, but this would be more Clinton's thing than mine. But you can follow the link if you want to see who's playing.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Back in Action.

We've wandered the desert since December after our last crappy landlord failed to pay the electric bill- our bonds as leasees broken by a plague upon his house. But lo, the build-out is nigh complete and we have crossed the river to the promised land. Yes, that is right! Next Tuesday we will have our first rehearsal in over four months. Rejoice!

A thing to note is that we always take a Christmas break and upon our return play about as well as elementary school kids in a garage. It usually takes us a month to get back up and running. So Since it's been nearly 5 months, you know it's going to be painful. Still, itwWill be nice to be in a a studio that doesn't have about 2 inches of pigeon shit.

Plans for the new LP are moving along. Cross your fingers; we will be looking at sending out our shit to the pressing plant sometime in July. As promised you won't see us play live until we have the LPs in our hands so, until then, we'll be hiding in the studio writing new material and drinking lots of whiskey and beer.