Monday, April 02, 2007

Back in Action.

We've wandered the desert since December after our last crappy landlord failed to pay the electric bill- our bonds as leasees broken by a plague upon his house. But lo, the build-out is nigh complete and we have crossed the river to the promised land. Yes, that is right! Next Tuesday we will have our first rehearsal in over four months. Rejoice!

A thing to note is that we always take a Christmas break and upon our return play about as well as elementary school kids in a garage. It usually takes us a month to get back up and running. So Since it's been nearly 5 months, you know it's going to be painful. Still, itwWill be nice to be in a a studio that doesn't have about 2 inches of pigeon shit.

Plans for the new LP are moving along. Cross your fingers; we will be looking at sending out our shit to the pressing plant sometime in July. As promised you won't see us play live until we have the LPs in our hands so, until then, we'll be hiding in the studio writing new material and drinking lots of whiskey and beer.

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