Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Linus Pauling Quartet tonight on KTRU - Rice's besieged student run station

We will be performing with a host of other local bands tonight on the KTRU local show. For those outside of Houston who are unaware, Rice University has quietly negotiated for the sale of the Student Run Radio Station over the summer while the students were away. KTRU has been an invaluable part of the community and... in particular the music community in Houston. Exposing listeners to artists that would otherwise not have a way to reach their audience. To kill the station after 40 years of broadcasting would be a huge loss for the city and given the secretive manner in which the deal was handled, a sad day for students at Rice University.

Please be so good as to check out SaveKTRU.org below and lend your support.

See you guys at 8pm central time on KTRU radio on 91.7fm.
This may be the last time but we hope not.

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