Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Terrastock 7 Wrap-ups

Terrastock's Grand Poobah, Phil McMullen, chats with the band
Photo Rosa Guerrero

Well, Terrastock 7 is over. We had a lot of fun, met a lot of wonderful people, and made a lot of new friends. We suffered the horrors of bad road food (Pirate Dairy Queen outside Nashville with the one-armed cook being the low point) and the pain of hangovers (the low point being Steve almost hurling in the car on Saturday). On the other hand, we enjoyed the thrills of experiencing such great music and the joy of engaging with such a wonderful congregation of folks. We met artists who we've admired for ages and would never have had the nerve to approach under any other circumstances. Thankfully, Terrastock is so friendly an atmosphere that we did get over our hang-ups and came to discover that they were all sweet, funny, smart, and generous people. The Terrastock fans were also a hoot with the kids from room 285 being especially cool and fun to hang out with. Overall, it was tiring,overwhelming, a lot of work, and a lot of fun.

I think the whole feeling can be summed up on Saturday night, - the last night before some of us had to leave. We drove around after the show while Larry played his Gary Numan live Double CD. We'd sing "Garyyyyy Numaaaaan" to every instrumental intro to every song which led Larry to sheepishly say "I can change the CD if you want?" This was met with a chorus of "NO!" and the Gary Numan played on as we made our way to Wicks Pizza on Baxter. We got in, ordered a huge-ass pie stacked with meat, enjoyed some of the more local brew, and just kicked back chatting about the festival. You've never seen the LP4 more giddy and the reason for that was we all felt very grateful and lucky to have had that experience. Music and friends - that's Terrastock in a nutshell.
Thanks every one
With Love to the Terrastock Nation
The Lp4

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Anonymous said...

Clearly I needed to be in that car. (Did I mention I have about six Gary Numan live albums?)

Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

My only reaction to that is YUSSSSSS!

fuzz pedal said...

Thanks for the revelatory T-7 show, and for your follow up reports & weblinks.

Sguffalo Bill said...

hi dears, everything ok?
Sgufala is the right way.