Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We're playing Saturday August 1st with ST37 & Giant Princess! Come on Out!

Poster By Lindsey Simard
(Right click to enlarge)

Hey comic book fans, you may recognize the artwork above as being that of Lindsey Simard of the KTRU Post-Punk Show as well as the much beloved Weak Highlights comix. Colorful awesomeness isn't it! The show itself should be just as awesome. We've got the ever bad-ass Giant Princess opening the show who are a band that sound like what an Indie-Pop band would sound like if they ever were on International Artists. I personally really love the song Adventure and it's almost obscene to have them open given how balls out their live shows are. In Headlining Middle slot (this is Houston after all and nobody wants to play last) is Austin's Psych-rock masters ST37. We've played with them a million times over the years but this time should be special as it's their first tour in I believe Five years. I remember driving up to Austin to see their last record release a few years back and all I could say was it was worth the drive. So come on out, set a spell, and enjoy a fine night of music at (our home base) Rudyards.

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