Saturday, April 23, 2005

Kickin' it 80's Karateka style

In putting together the new flyer, Clinton and I got to talking about 80's video games - specifically old Apple II games. Well damn, if in chatting I didn't stumble upon a copy of Karateka for my Palm at !

Pretty frikkin Brilliant!

Should you happen to play this game and beat all your foes, I will simply tell you there is a pretty clever ending to the game centered around how you approach the princess: I will say no more.

Karateka is a classic if you lived at a time when not only did people actually use floppies but 1) the disks actually were floppy and 2) they measured 5.25 inches.

Yea baby! Look at it! That's 360KB of data we're talking about!!

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