Friday, February 17, 2006

You cannot fight the LP4 Karma!

Well fuck!

Mind you this is a vacation day I'm using up.

First thing go to Target and get stuff to patch a wall and a few small plumbing items not to mention tall shelves for the projectors tomorrow. Now the film WAS my big project today but as it turns out it was a bust.

It took all morning and a lot more to get the wall patched and to find out that we likely need a plumber to clear the drain in the sink. A frikkin morning spent smelling the black ooze that grows in pipes then have to cleanup the bathroom from all the water that spilled in the process.

By 3:30 it was time to take a shower. By 5:30 at least I got the new belts put on the projectors and the projector stands assembled...all that was needed was to find films to splice for the second projector. So it's off to the rehearal space only to find that my A films are missing. that's right the coolest films which I spliced together ages ago are no longer on the shelf I'd remembered leaving them on. I looked inside, I looked outside (where I may add I find some of my equipment just lying about) but no luck. Fucking gone. Like a good $60 of 16 mm films I'd collected poof. And the worst thing is the show is tomorrow!

Fuck. I'm just utterly bummed now as I worked so hard to find these vintage parts, fix the new projectors, and get a shelving sytem only to be fucked in the end.



nipeng said...

A shame about the films. Someone took them or you just can't remember where they are?

Well some positive news for you:
Picked up the C6H8O6 album in Eindhoven, the Netherlands on Saturday. I'm listening to it the first time right now. Sounds pretty good I must say.

Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

I found them. I had misplaced them during Hurricane Rita and found them Saturday morning. Total luck as I'd given up and thought we'll I won't find them but I should at least give it the old college try. Glad I did. Bonus was that on my desk at work was my new projector belt for the Bell and Howell.

PS Hey did I speak with you briefly at the show? I think I did. Assuming that was you it was really nice to put a face with the poster. : )

Jay said...

Nah, that was me ("Jay") - if you meant over by the projectors before The Jonx.

Good show(s), except I kept willing the opening acts to tighten it up a bit. As a veteran, I knew 3 opening acts taking it easy meant less Linus.

Anyway, the set was greatly appreciated. "Airplane" came off really good (to my ears), "Drunkest Man" was ripping it up, "Nowhere" was suprisingly sweet. During "Thorn," I was both amused at your lounging, and amazed to see Cramer take it to the bridge with a full rocking band once again.

Also planning to see the Jonx again next opportunity. How old are those guys? Good players...

I don't know if you do opening/co-headline sets, but come spring, I'd totally be up for a Linus Pauling/Pong/etc. show/festival - even if I have to set it up myself. Maybe with whatever Ayers is up to these days?

Anyway, thanks!

nipeng said...

It was not me :)

Would like to see you perform live someday but I don't think you guys play in the Netherlands anytime soon.

Cheers and keep rocking.

Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

Ha ha typical Linus...
I always assume that it's the same person writing. Wow, more than one person reads this. Amazing. : )

I'd love to play the Netherlands but we're all working stiffs so it's nearly impossible to get everyone organized jus to leave Houston. But Hey I can dream can't I?

Oh and thanks Jay for the nice words. We really had fun and plan to get out of the rehersal space a bit more this year.

John Cramer said...

I would like to apologize for being so runny that night. Jay appears to like it tight. Sorry, I had to say it.