Thursday, June 15, 2006

Grunt! Me in Linus! Me play Rock!

Well another Linus practice.

It began with Clinton and I being very productive at Rudyard’s. Yes instead of discussing song arrangements or other such matters we discussed Neal Stevenson's literary merits and Peter Jackson's translation of JRRT. Level up! You are now a 7th level Geek.

Rehearsal itself was a bit more brutal. We just went over two songs. That's right - one rehearsal, two songs. You'd think it'd be easy but maybe Garage Rock and John Paul Jones are two things that were never meant to go together. Someday Linus will have its 2001 moment whereupon one member will have an epiphany and as he makes his way past cacophony of grunts and hollers of the others flinging their own poo he will proclaim " Oh my god, we're a bunch of fucking chimps!"

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