Saturday, January 13, 2007

Plans for 2007...

Happy new year dear readers.

As you may notice after the huge amount of activity last year we are suddenly laying low. After the show on the 16th we found ourselves in a studio with no power (thanks to a cheap ass landlord) so we packed up the plantation and are moving to nicer digs. That means we haven't rehearsed in about a month and it may be another month until we get all settled in. So here is what you can expect from us in 2007:

1) Finish recording any loose ends on the new album, mix it, master it, and release the beast!

2) You won't see us at SXSW. We put zero effort into buildign any press kit for SXSW; OK, we never made one due to our getting wrapped up in the year end blow out. Then when we were offered to play an off -SXSW event one member had a conflict.

3) In fact expect no live shows until we hold the newest album in our hand.

Until the new album you can enjoy the fact that Last FM has finally got its crap together and you can now download the first 3 Linus releases for free as MP3. Sure it's MP3 quality but what the hell eh? Our contract says the rights revert back to us after 7 years so we're tossing those we can out there for you people. Who says we don't love you peeps?

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