Monday, January 23, 2006

I love Amy's Ice Cream

Woohoo got the flyer for the next show. I was pretty happy with how it came out. You’ll note that, we were trying to do a poster that invoked the great Akira Kurosawa. Rosa did a bang up job with the photos which made the layout that much easier – most of my time was spent trying to find a font that most closely resembled that of the titles in Rosa’s Criterion edition of Yojimbo. But if you’ll note, I moronically grabbed my Wu Tang shirt. For some reason my get-dressed brain was thinking Shaw Bros. So now when I look at the photo and think “gee spot the cultural idiot”! Oh well!

I did the usual flyering spots Rudz, Brazil, Sound Exchange, Cactus, Amy’s, Valhalla, and KTRU. At Sound Ex, I ran into Scott Butt who asked for a copy to put at Poison Girl (Awesome!). Nice to know the Sound Exchange thief was caught (Awesome! Awesome!) But the biggest kick I got was going to Amy’s Ice Cream. While doing my ritual - nixing for flyers with old dates and shifting posters around so I can fit mine in a manner that doesn’t obscure mine or anyone else’s flyer – a guy walks up and says “Hey man, we made too much chocolate…you want a peanut butter Ice Cream on a chocolate dipped wafflecone?” Hell Yes!!! (Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!) Not fuckin’ bad considering that I was broke and had no money to pay for posters (thank you office color copier) much less dinner. Man, I couldn’t complain - free color flyers, I hit all my locations, and I got dinner! Sometimes, being in the Lp4 can pay off.

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jay said...

I'll try to bring a gang of people by for this show - enjoying "Ashes..." right now.

The flyer looks about like I expected from your description, but I didn't foresee the instrument/weapons. Nice.

Coincidentally, I've been on a Kurosawa kick for the last couple of months or so. Recently got "Ran," and it is awe-inspiring. Best movie I've seen made by an 70-something-year old.

Totally different, but Japanese, I just got Yasujiro Ozu's "Tokyo Story" and plan to watch it tomorrow night. I know you care...

I'd be interested in suggestions on local/regional bands, movies, events, etc. Since Public News died, I've never found a good source for happenings. And it's not like I'm 23 anymore.

FYI- knowing about Kurosawa, the Shaw Bros., and the difference, excludes anyone from cultural idiocy.