Sunday, January 29, 2006

Verse Chorus Verse Chorus or making peace with making rock

[What happens when your main discussion is marred by a bad decision to be histrionic and over the top? Repost your one possibly interesting idea in your own blog.]

I have always had a hate/love relationship with Rock music but I will say this. People always say "Well rock songs are predictable it's Verse Chorus Verse Chorus..." People always critique that structure but then never say "Why am I restricted to Twelve notes!" The point being not that one should become Harry Partch, but that there is a lot of acceptance of structures within music. Listen to a lot of folk music and, my god, fuck Verse Chorus Verse Chorus...often times it's just one melody line with a simple melodic conclusion. Just listen to Woody Guthrie's Car Song - a fuckin' brilliant, hilarious, and simple song. Listening to stuff like this makes me have less issues with musical structures. When you look at buildings you don't say "Goddamn, Walls and Roofs! Walls and Roofs!" No, what people say when they see a nice house is "Wow, that is really beautiful." or "Cool, let me take a picture." In other words it's not the structure, it's what you do with it. The reason someone like Nickelback is so contemptible is because they are the architectural equivalent of functionality without expression.

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