Saturday, April 01, 2006

Flyer Etiquette for corporate fuckwads!

Fuck you mother-fucking corporate pieces of shit with money to burn – learn some fucking flyering etiquette!

Goddamn, I go into the Proletariat to post the Kinky Freidman petition posters for next week only to find some mother-fuckers from some shit ass Heinekin piss beer, Virgin Merdestore, and KROQ sponsored festival (to whom I sure ain’t giving any publicity here) took our poster and ripped it off the wall (tearing it in the process) and moving it over to a corner!

You fucking fucks! I’m busting my ass to get people to come to this show at this club and your trying to shill tickets to some fucking festival in another state? . What the fuck is that? Who at the club didn’t tell these people to fuck themselves?

Here are a few simple rules for you Nickelback Pigfuckers!

1) You only take down posters for events that HAVE occurred
2) If someone has the best spot but you need to shuffle some things to fit your poster, you keep the other people’s posters as close to where you found them as possible (usually shifting an inch or so here or there).
3) If a shitty spot on the wall is all that’s left well then yr shit out of luck.
4) You fuck with someone else’s poster, the other people get the right to do this to your shitty poster!

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