Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lomax Takes a Swipe at KTRU or "Ow! John Quit it!"

Letter to the Editor or Houston Press:

The KACC profile [KACC Mentality by John Nova Lomax] was pretty amusing. I remember growing up in the Clear Lake area and hearing a lot of weird little shows coming form that station. Glad to know that it is still puttering away.

Despite the nice profile, Lomax decides to take some needless swipes at KTRU. Why? Not because the content is bad - after all he calls the programming cutting edge. No, instead he lashes out at the “hipster kids” for not entertaining him. If you want great radio personalities, go to the holy grail that is KCOH on the AM dial but that is not what KTRU is all about – KTRU is and always has been about the music. KTRU’s pabulum [I’m using it in the positive sense of intellectual sustenance not in the negative sense that Lomax used it] comes not from DJs making cute skits but DJs playing music: music that they give a shit about. That means pouring over music and challenging themselves to open their ears. I spent many years at KTRU and for me, despite my mumbling intermissions, it was one of the best experiences of my life. Heidi Bullinga one of the station managers once told me “If you don’t play at least one shitty song in your set, you aren’t a good DJ!” That to me was always what KTRU was about – people who love music taking chances and exploring music. So why would Lomax would *not* praise this type of radio in Houston? Somebody please tell me, ‘cause I got nothin’!

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