Friday, March 17, 2006

The Obligatory SXSW Blog

Ahh South By Southwest. When the time came to file our application last year for 2006, a few band members really wanted a break from the annual event. I could understand. It’s not exactly a cheap endeavor especially if you want to not simply perform and leave but to hang out and check out other bands. On top of the expense is the fact that it’s a huge stress-O-rama that leaves everyone fatigued. Me? I still would have done it as I kind of enjoy it despite these negatives.

Yet, since the LP4 is quite egalitarian, it was pretty much decided that for this year the LP4 is taking a break from the annual insanity. It may have been for the best since, as it turned out, we were forced to take a 3 week hiatus as Larry was slammed with an insane work related project that was due this week. If we had played, we would have been pretty sloppy and unprepared. Yet, even though I know it would have been a disaster (especially given the forced hiatus), it would have made me much poorer than I already am, and it would have made me feel like I’d been put through boot camp by the end of the week, I still wish we could have gone.

Ya know it’s like when you skip a cool party, everyone is going, and you are left bored in the dorm room. Hell I’m already skipping Terrastock (which is much more expensive just because it involves airfare and actually buying tickets) which is sucky but, hell, Austin is just a three hour car ride so that just adds to the aggravation. It’s like right frikkin here!

Oh well, we at least the LP4 agreed to apply for SXSW 2007, so a one year break may be all the better. We will have a new album out by that time and I’ll actually get off my ass and actually try to save my pennies so as not to end up a pauper like previous years. In the meantime I’ll just jealously read blogs from friends who did go and had a good time or laugh as friends bitch about their travails. Have fun guys. I’ll see you in 2007.

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