Saturday, March 11, 2006

Good Bunny Brown Poster for 8 April 2006 Show

Well another ridiculous photoshoot. Rosa did a bang up job yet again and everyone had a good time. Though for this one, we actually worked about two weeks to get the above results - I shit you not. As if that wasn't silly enough, Clinton and I worked on a short movie that actually relates to this. Yes, that's right we were up until 3am this morning recording bad dialogue and filming some utterly absurd script I wrote up at work. Yes that's right two grown men playing with bunnies and stuffed animals! I think I saw two bums at the park give up the booze right then and there. You'll have to wait until I do all the post work but I'll leave you with this - what is the only band that would drag the good names of Goethe and Hawthorne through the mud? That's right baby Linus...

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