Saturday, August 12, 2006

A case study in De-Evolution

Tomorrow the LP4 will go into the studio and record "Hawg" our sweet ode to bikers, drugs, and the underage girls who love them. We'll likely record "Encherito" too - our ode to one of the funniest things to watch stoners try to eat neatly in a car. Given time, we may try to knock out the Rosa/Mara drunken bar fight song "She Bad, She Thowed" and the sword metal epic "Waiting for the Axe to Fall". I'm not sure if you caught this but in all these songs we've actually gone back to Linus Basics: dumb power chords, dumb themes only drunks and stoners could appreciate, and a refusal to write anything remotely resembling a bridge. Go team!

[Since I'm too poor to buy the Beer, whose buying? Whatever you bring, please, no Budweiser or Light Beer. ]


Sguffalo Bill said...

I think you are absolutely right, but I don't agree with you.

Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

Bellissimo! Siamo totalemente di accordo ! Cin Cin!

Sguffalo Bill said...

Eso es! Pero mire que si yo estuviera de acuerdo con usted, el tigre le habría ya comido desde hace 47 años. Acaso se da cuenta de lo que le digo?
Pues piénselo y un muy buen viaje a usted y a sus vecinos de casa.
Atentamente le saluda,

Sguffalo Bill

Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

Siamo d'accordo semplicemente perche la musica e tutto contraddizione.



Sguffalo Bill said...

Allora avete davvero ragione.
Bravi. Ok now!