Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bust out the champagne!

Or at least the beer. We just listened to the final masters on the remnants of my parents' Luxman stereo, purchased in 1981. With big-ass Polk Audio speakers of the same vintage, it sounded pretty full. All Hail the Luxman!

Long story short, the mastering process yielded awesome results and everyone is very happy with the mixes, dynamics and EQ. The masters are shipped off to the plant, so now it's just waiting.

I would like to take credit for this thing sounding so good but it's all Steve: he busted his ass, both during the recording process and during the mixing process, applied a tremendous amount of skill and know how, and only threatened to kill us all once or twice.

Ramon brought a flagon of Chimay, which we drained promptly but we saved the champagne he brought for next time, when the vinyl gets here. We still have a LOT of work to do, but the toughest part is done.


Ian Varley said...

Bitchin', guys! Save me a vinyl copy.

rhonda.garner said...

So this must mean a SugarHill Session with LP4 is in my near future...cool !!! Knowing how you guys are we will need to schedule this waaaaaay in advance because I know how you like to be 'prepared'.

BTW, my friend Christi Workman heard you guys on my ipod shuffle a while ago back and she was floored. She thought you guys were the shit.

Jay said...