Monday, May 14, 2007

There's a fire under our asses. Latest Lp update.

The new LP has suddenly blazed into high gear (a manufacturer's sale deadlines will do that to you). Belive it or not we have an LP tracked which will consist of 36 minutes of the material we have recorded thus far. Since we want to take full advantage of the fidelity of the LP format we will be mastering the album on Sunday May 27th at a studio outside our own that specializes in LPs. That Monday we will FedEx the package to the manufacturer. Crazy!!!!!!!! This means huge mixing sessions this week but it will be nice to crank it out.

The other good news is that pending final mixes, Australia's Camera Obscura, may be releasing this album. They have good distribution and we've always admired their roster of artists so we're hoping that they stay aboard.

What does this mean for you loyal LP4 fans? Well, it means that we'll actually have the Lps back before the covers and inserts are completed which still have to be put together. All in all we'll be on track for a late summer release of 500 purple vinyl LPs with a booklet and a CDR titled "All Things are Light".

Until our next transmission

Keep on rockin' in the free world,

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