Saturday, July 29, 2006

100.3 Degrees Fahrenheit

Fuuuuuck!!! Man, I think I caught Clinton's cold. Hopefully, I'll be recovered tomorrow so as to go to the Houston Press Awards. Now as you know Linus was nominated but not asked to play but nevertheless I managed to scrounge some VIP wristbands which is really what it's about - free booze! Last year the LP4 got totally plastered at the Rice hotel and had a blast so I've been kind of looking forward to it this year. You'd think the rest of Linus would be just as excited but it seems only myself and Steve are really up for it this year. Why? Because Linus are old men and we suck!

Anyhow, here is my planned route throughout the day (with random pit stops at the free booze area) so maybe I'll see you guys at one of these places:

Whorehound @The Brewery Tap
God's Temple of Family Deliverance @ The Office

Dizzy Pilot @ the Office

6pm - [this one's gonna be tough!!!]
A Pink Cloud @ The Brewery Tap
Rotten Piece @ The Office
Drop Trio @ M Bar
The Jonx @ Boaka Bar

The Medicine Show @ Red Cat Jazz cafeƃ©

Satin Hooks @ The Grasshopper

Fatal Flying Guilloteens @ The Brewery Tap

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