Thursday, July 06, 2006

Houston Press Music Awards Suggestions

A few suggestions for the Houston Press Music Awards per me - Ramon Medina. Note just becasue I don't pick someone doesn't mean I don't like them, I may simply not have heard of them.

Best New Act -Sharks and Sailors
Best Punk - Fatal Flying Guilloteens [Hey where is Somethign Fierce???]
Best Alternative Rock - We're in this category and normally it's an honor to be nominated but given that Lonestar Pornstar is in this category I'm not so sure. Also what the fuck is Alternative Rock? Oh well, hey if it gets us into the party and free booze - I ain't gonna bitch too much. : )
Best Traditional Rock - Whatever-the-fuck this category means. I'm going with Bright Men of Learning for what it's worth. The do a nice Pavement Jr. thing.
Best Metal - Crap this is a tough one. Bowel, Gods Temple of Faily Deliverance and Whorehound all rock. My randomizer says....Bowel. Sorry GTOFD and Whorehound the 16 sided die did not smile on you today.
Best Indie Rock - Crap another hard one. Bring Back the Guns, Dizzy Pilot and The Jonx are all great but I'm gonna go with the Jonx.
Best National Rock - Why ZZ Top of course! Even if they fucked up all their early albums with drum triggers.
Best Experimental / Avant Garde - "One of these things just doesn't belong here come on can you tell me which one..." Man, how did Satin Hooks get in here? I mean even they have to be saying "What the fuck are we doign here?!" But it's a tough call between Rotten Piece and A Pink Cloud. 18 sided dice! what say thee? Rotten Piece it is! Somewhere in Houston Dom curses his sfortuna.
Best Folk/Acoustic - ahh an easy one...The Medicine Show
Best Jazz - Drop Trio
Local Musician of the Year - Jana Hunter (woo 3 easy ones in a row)
Best Female Vocalist - Gina Miller (The Kimonos) Hey they are playing with us at Rudz on the 15th of July.
Album of the Year - Write in time! Babel Fishh - The Use of of, Something Fierce - Come for the Bastards, Jana Hunter - Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom, The Ka-nives - Get Duped!, and that's just off the top of my head....
Best Concert Venue/Best Rock Venue - Hell Rudz or the Proletariat. We love both so I split mine up.
Best Record Store - Sound Exchange fool!
Best Blues Venue - Ettas!

Of course as usual great bands like the Dimes, The Red and White, Powers of Light and Darkness, Georgia's Horse, and John Muzak (to name only a few) are utterly ignored. But thems is the shakes. Reguardless July 30th should be fun.

Oh and here is the link to the music awards...


Kerry Melonson (of SATIN HOOKS) said...

And NOW we can't complain because we WON the award. We have mixed feelings about this. It just feels good to win something and be recognized. I just uncomfortable being a "winner" along side Houston acts such as LONESTAR PORNSTAR, THE HANDSOMES & SEVRIN... I don't think this has to be explained...

But then again Million Year Dance won, so did The Medicine Show, eh... someone else, too. Maybe a few more deserving acts... Oh ZZ Top! Them too. I don't mind being a "winner" next to those guys.

You nailed it when you said we thought "What the fuck?!?!" We did. And then we talked to our producer and our manager and some friends who told us that, despite what we accept as music on conventional instruments and with vocals, we are still pretty weird, if not refreshing. And that there ws nothing wrong with embracing the Experimental/ Avant Guard nomination (and now award). So I'm off to work on my turntable and Lucas is going to do some throat singing. We're all going to come up with some structured improv and reintroduce my free piano playing to the audience. I'll change keys every measure in a pop song.

I was asked in the Houston Press interview how we could be in that category. Apparently, he saw us for the first time at the awards showcase where we played three minute pop songs with choruses and melodic verses. Um, that's becaue that's where we came from and it's still embedded in our shows and songs. Yes, the songs are structured, yes there's a melody and yes... those words I'm singing are of the English language and not our band's own made-up one. Mainly because we want to get as many people's attention as possible, then pull the switcheroo on 'em. Pour a little absinthe into thier morning coffee.

Ultimately, I'm very proud of our award. I think in a few ways we actaully deserve it... or something like it, anyway. It's just recognition, that's all.

Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

Ha that's funny when I spoke with Lomax about the nomination he kind of fit the sqare peg into the round hole too.

Ultimately though I think most categories are meaningless and it's just a way of spreading out the bands across categories to give them some recognition. I mean I think Satin Hooks were totally in the wrong category BUT if that's what it took for the press to give you the props you deserve then I'll take it. Hell, just the fact that your set was one of the most inspired of the showcase makes the nomination ok in my book.

In the end, the awards are an afterthought to the showcase. I simply love to plan my route and see a bunch of great bands like Satin Hooks do their thing. It's tiring, it's brutal, but in the end it's really fun.

Anyhow Congratulations.