Thursday, October 19, 2006

LP4 show report.

Crap You'd think all I post now is just police abuse. Despite the thuggish cop at Walter's there were other shows of note going on over the weekend. Saturday was pretty tricky given all the good shows. Since, I was playing at Rudz I didn't catch Fallcore at the Meridian or The Porch Creeps at SHFL but I did get a chance to swing by The Proletariat and catch a bit of the PUSH fundraiser. Well, ok, I just caught one band Tambersauro who were really really good - the drummer was amazing. They've been around for a while but this is my first time seeing them and while you could argue that the Slint influence is a bit prominent, in my book, they definitely are worth catching again.

But after a quick "hi" and apologies to Sharks and Sailors for missing their set (and finally getting an explanation from Melissa as to what the hell a booby bib is) I was back to Rudz for our show.

The Rudz show was going to be laid back affair as The Paper South cancelled due to illness and there was so much going on around town that there was no way we could expect a huge turnout.

Georgia's Horse was originally going to close but Houston bands fight NOT to play last - we prefer to play then drink - so they won the coin toss and opened and they put on a great set. Melly's cello made the sound simply massive while the rest of Georgia's Horse was exactly what I've come to expect - awesome. I'm just glad that they will continue as a unit but under a different name as they are just too good and unique in this town to break up. Georgia's Horse just show how much power a band can have without resorting to being heavy and loud; subtlety and nuance are great things to have on your side. I only wish I Rhonda Garner of KPFT's Radio Active could have been able to swing by and see them.

Linus of course knows nothing about subtlety or nuance. We casually played a set of loud dumb rock which clearly did not transition well with the Georgia's Horse fans. You could just feel this rush of air as people realized that these bands were nothing like each other; "Loud songs about Swords, Aliens, and Drunken Brawls? Who the fuck booked this show?" sometimes bands that sound different work well and sometimes it doesn't - here, it didn't. But we had fun and closed with a log-ass version of Hall of Mirrors just because we had the time. This was a horribly unprofessional show in terms of tuning and deadspaces between songs but, you know, that's not that bad every once in a while. Basically, people caught us practicing in our rehearsal space. If you are into that casual Porch Hootenany approach to a show, it can be fun and laid back. The important thing is it was fun.

I do have to concede that we may have hit that threshold of playing too many shows this year. It's clear we've started to test the patience of our fans. Perhaps after the Ame Strasser benefit (very sad but a good cause) and the December show (which will rule) we'll give H-Town a break and maybe try to plan some out of town shows. Hey I can dream can't I?

The rest of my rock and roll weekend consisted of cleaning the house top to bottom because when I have the house to myself on the weekend, I go WILD!


FERNANDO said...

georgia's horse i was a fan, did they changed their name to what other name, I am from buenos aires and I loved this band, one of my very first adds on myspace. sorry for the bad english and bad tipying but I'm sleepwalking, man ;)
please let me know whats been og GEORGIA'S HORSE AND WHERE ARE THEY NOW, PLEEASE.


fernando said...

fernando here again. my mail is:
about georgia's Horse. remember? time passes quickly and I'd be very sad to know they dont play anymore, the singer gave me a hell of a cradle song everytime i heard her voice.


Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

Hey Fernando,

GH broke-up but I spoke with Theresa and Tiziano a bit more than a month ago and they are working on a new band.