Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This Saturday in Houston - Lots of Shows to see (including Ours)

===At Rudz

OK first off this my band is playing on Saturday at Rudyard's with Georgia's Horse and the Paper South. It's Georgia's Horse's last gig as a band which is a shame as they are amazing as a band. Shoegazers take note, The Paper South are from Austin and include our friends from American Analog Set and Winslow.

=====At The Proletariat

It's the big Push Fundraiser. Lots of great bands for a good cause...

====At The Meridian

I'm not a big Meridian fan (it's a bit impersonal for my tastes) but this has a lot of good bands like Insect Warfare and the Jon Benet. For a full line up click below:

====at Super Happy Fun Land

Rotten Piece is playing on a pretty cool bill.

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